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Duraflex Partials


There are many options today for the partial replacement of teeth. You may have a chrome

partial with denture teeth set in acrylic. Acrylic based partials with wrought iron clasp with

denture teeth and flexible material with denture teeth. All of these products work for the vast

majority of oral situation for patients. Today I would like to share more about the flexible partial

material and why I think it is a great choice to replace teeth.

Duraflex is a thermal plastic material that is virtually unbreakable, stain resistant, order resistant

and is very thin.


The most common concern about Duraflex is that it is hard to adjust and polish. Made with a

state of the art material Duraflex partial resolves that problem. The material will not gum up

acrylic burs and with the polishing wheels designed by Duraflex they are easily polished. The

yellow brush is the most important when used correctly. To remove all of the small impurities, at

the de-flasking stage, the remaining wheels will be used to bring the appliance to a high shine.

You can design a flexible partial to fit any situation. Some of the great advantages of the

material is that it is very light and thin. You can then easily design these partials over tori that

would normally be difficult with a chrome framework. You may design and also contour the

material around weaker teeth in order to promote a more stable and stronger appliance. Most

patients love the fact that when put in for the first time these partials snap into place and

disappear and are said to be very comfortable.


A flexible partial used as a provisional restoration are very reasonable in price. They tend to last

longer than acrylic based partials. The color of the Duraflex material blends well with

surrounding tissue. If contoured around the teeth, that are clasped, the prostheses will be very

comfortable and last considerably longer then an acrylic based partial or flipper.

The Duraflex material can be made extremely thin which helps comfort for the patient. The

thinner the material the more flexible it will become. The material is amazingly strong even at

this thinner size. Each of the teeth are specifically ground through with holes in each tooth so

that the thermoplastic material will make a mechanical bond to each of the teeth. Unlike acrylic

that bonds to the denture teeth chemically. Losing teeth out of a Duraflex partial seldom ever

happens because of this technique which allows this material and the denture teeth to act as

one unit.



In conclusion I would offer a flexible partial to patients who fit the criteria, as a comfortable

appliance that will last a long period of time, and help them with a visually appealing smile and

the ability to chew and enjoy food. Duraflex is strong, natural looking, and affordable.


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