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E.Max Crown

We offer a variety of crowns and use the latest technology and materials to manufacture each and every crown.  we are confident that you and your patient will be satisfied with what our crown and bridge department has to offer.

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Closer Look Into E.Max

E-Max crowns are all-ceramic crowns known for their durability and aesthetic appearance. Once worn, an E-max crown tends to compliment the rest of the teeth by blending well with them and looks as natural as can be. Such crowns are generally considered as great options for teeth that have been stained or damaged.

A Closer Look

E-Max crowns are completely designed out of ceramic, have a translucent look, are stronger and long lasting. One single block of top grade ceramic (Lithiun Disilicate) is used to build the crown. This particular type of ceramic is valued for its strength, durability, ease of usage and opaque properties which make the E-Max crown great for cosmetic dentistry.

Benefits Of E.Max

• natural look and shape

• does not use a metal alloy base

• No ugly grey lines around the gum area

• The risk of chipping is also less



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