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Chip Resistant

Zirconia crowns are chip-resistant, as they are made with solid zirconia without any porcelain overlay.  Zirconia is a bio compatible medical grade material and crown made with zirconia do not corrode.

Perfect Fit

Zirconia’s glazed surface make them resistant to plaque accumulation the material is ideal for patients who lack the time and preparation space needed for PFM crowns. They fit like a glove.

Better Appearance

Their appearance is much better than gold crowns or PFM crowns. As zirconia crowns lack electrical conductivity, patients may not feel the too hot or too cold sensations felt with other crowns, patients won’t get a gray line above their gums too making them more attractive for anterior teeth.

Zirconia Crowns

We offer a variety of crowns and use the latest technology and materials to manufacture each and every crown.  we are confident that you and your patient will be satisfied with what our crown and bridge department has to offer.

Bruxzir crowns (all-zirconia crowns) are monolithic, solid zirconia restoration, which are an aesthetic alternative to traditional PFM crowns or full-cast restoration. They are so strong that they may be used to replace any tooth. Zirconia crowns are rapidly becoming the material of choice for dental crowns.

Zirconia has become the most preferred material for making dental crowns. As they are very strong, they can endure the wear of everyday use.  They are translucent and reflect light just like a natural tooth, and this quality makes it an important material to make crowns that are used on anterior and posterior teeth.

“The quality and strength of bruxzir and zirconia, crowns have made them the most popular crowns.”

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