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Communication is a big deal in the dental industry, if you don’t communicate properly with the detail you need, well you aren’t going to get what you need for your patient. Communication is easily the number one problem in dentistry. For example we had an office send in a case, written on the lab slip was this – “Please fabricate chrome framework” so our lab technicians created a chrome framework for the doctor, when the doctor received the case he said, I didn’t want a chrome framework I wanted a Dura flex partial (Big Difference!), You can see how frustrating this can be for both labs and doctors, I know everyone is busy seeing patients and creating restorations but how can we solve this problem and improve our communication skills from dental practice to lab and lab to dental practice? We are constantly trying to solve this problem, here are some tips that might help you to be a better communicator with our lab.

Review The Lab Slip Before Sending It To The Lab

I know this is probably annoying, especially if you are seeing a lot of patients but it is far less annoying than having to remake and pay for a new case. If your dental assistants write your lab slips for you make sure you double check the work so there is clear communication from the get go.

Call Or Email The Lab If Anything Changes With The Case

It happens all the time, maybe the patient cancels an appointment or wants to change a shade, there are a variety of situations that can come up and you need to inform the lab of the situation. We all have phones and an email inbox, it should be really easy to contact the lab these days, use these tools to quickly pass information if anything changes.

Use Our Online Ordering System

We have invested in tools that will better help you communicate to our dental lab. We have an online ordering system that instantly passes information to our lab and lets your office fill out online lab slips to our lab, you can send anything from scheduling pick ups to case messages that alert our technicians of any changes in cases. You can even follow what is happening with each case and see when the expected delivery day will be.  if you have our online ordering system you can learn how to use it here, if you are currently not using the awesome tool email us or call us (801) 484-1750 and we will make an account for you.



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