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Are you looking for CEREC Connect dental labs? If so you came to the right place. We are Salt Lake Dental Lab, we have been doing digital dentistry since 2013 and it has improved every restoration we create. CEREC dentistry has made our industry better for your patients. We believe in giving patients the best product and the only way we can accomplish this is through digital impressions via CEREC Connect.

Why Should You Send Cases To CEREC Connect Dental Labs?

Sending digital impressions to your dental lab is the best way to have successful cases for your patients. You probably are thinking well I can just mill out crowns on my machine, but can you mill zirconia crowns, what about big bridges or cases you don’t want to mess with, what about partials? I am sure you don’t want to sit down and waste your time on those types of cases. There are many reasons dentist should use CEREC Connect dental labs to fabricate restorations for patients, here are a few benefits we have seen since we began accepting CEREC Connect Digital Impressions:

More accurate restorations

We have seen a dramatically higher success rate with our CEREC Connect cases than with our traditional impression cases. It is simple, traditional dental impressions can warp and distort but digital impressions are taken with light and light can’t warp. Restorations will fit better and make your job a lot easier than it used to be.

Faster turn around times

Since we are using digital technology we are able to get your crowns back faster because our Sirona InLab system has made us more efficient when it comes to designing and milling crowns (and now partials). Faster turn around times make patients happy and helps the office with cash flow.

Better quality design

Our technicians are well educated with continuing education courses about designing crowns and partials using the InLab software (Sirona makes InLab And CEREC). We believe in training every technician so they can design the best solution for your patient’s crowns or partials.

Finding CEREC Connect dental labs can be challenging because this technology is still pretty new and there aren’t a lot of labs that offer this service to CEREC doctors. If you are interested in learning how to send digital impressions via CEREC Connect you can watch this video. If you have questions about prices, turn around times and shipping please feel free to contact us.

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