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CEREC Connect is a way for doctors to send digital impressions to a dental lab via the CEREC Connect portal. Most CEREC doctors can mill crowns right from their in-house milling machines, but what about the big bridges or multiple unit cases? What if you, The Doctor don’t have enough time to sit down and design, mill, stain, glaze, fit and finish all the crowns you cut,? It is simple, just send cases via CEREC Connect and let the lab design, mill and finish the cases. If you are thinking about investing your hard earned money into a CEREC System, it will be money well spent, if you just want a digital scanner, you can purchase one and send all your cases via CEREC Connect, if you want an an in-house milling machine you can still benefit from sending cases you don’t want to do, can’t fit in your milling machine, can’t mill the material or don’t have time to design and finish. CEREC Connect can be a great benefit for your practice and it is a great way to create highly accurate restorations for your patients.

CEREC Connect Cases Save You Time

Your time is valuable, we understand this and we want to help save you time as a dentist so that you can work on seeing more of your patients. CEREC Connect will save your office time, all you need to do is scan and send digital impressions via CEREC Connect to our dental lab. If we can help you save time we will help you make more money for your practice.

CEREC Connect Is Highly Accurate

We all hate traditional impressions from patients to lab technicians to doctors and assistants, they are just a bad way of taking impressions. Traditional impressions can warp and distort and you won’t even notice until it is too late. When you use the CEREC to take digital impressions the scan won’t warp or distort, it takes an exact replica of the patients mouth, it is amazing technology that can help us become better dental professionals. Even if you don’t want to design and mill your own crowns we think it is worth investing in a CEREC digital impression scanner so that you can take better impressions, send digital cases to the lab and receive completed restorations faster.

CEREC Connect Is Easy To Set Up

If you have a CEREC Machine you probably already have CEREC Connect installed on your computer, you simply need to register online for CEREC Connect (it’s Free) and add your favorite Labs that have CEREC Machines or InLab machines. The new software update allows you to open up the regular CEREC Software and if you are scanning a case and decide to send it to the lab you can click CEREC Connect and it will import the case to the lab. If you want to learn more on how to set up CEREC Connect watch this video.

CEREC Connect has been a huge benefit to our lab and our doctors that choose to send cases to us via CEREC Connect. We can design crowns and now partials with ease, accuracy and speed, all resulting in better restorations for your patients, if you have any questions about CEREC Connect, please feel free to contact us.


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