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Partial dentures have been an important restoration solution for many years. Very recently, the dental restoration industry has been changing towards digital restorations. There are many benefits of digital partials. Dentists with CEREC scanners can now simply scan in a model to their lab and have a chrome framework created digitally. Traditional partials usually require an impression that can,unfortunately, be inaccurate.When the patients mouth is scanned there is only one data transfer from the mouth to the scanner. The traditional way of making duplicate models and then, fabricating the restoration is long gone.

Why Digital Partial Dentures Are Better

digital partial dentures

CEREC Dentists with digital scanners can know utilize their scanner to send partials to the lab. Dentists who send traditional partial dentures to the lab can still have a digital partial fabricated, we use model scanners to transfer the data in to the computer so we can design a partial. Some of the things that we have noticed in digital partial restorations is the uniformity in the overall framework. Seating a partial is easier now because of the precision scans and designs. Dentists can spend less time trying to fit a partial denture.

Traditionally, partial denture frameworks were cast. The long process of model making, casting and finishing has been reduced. The digital workflow also, cuts turnaround time for partials, allowing you to get a partial back to your patients faster.

Partial dentures can be made with less material and have the same amount of strength. Digital designs allow us to create a partial denture that is more comfortable for your patient. One of the advantages of designing digital partial dentures is that our design software tells us exactly how thick or thin the metal will be before we fabricate the partial restoration making it so that every partial is designed evenly for strength and comfort.

When partial dentures are cast, their tends to be excess metal that flows beyond the wax patterns creating extra material that needs to be removed. With a digital partial,there is no excess metal on the restoration. This, in turn makes a better product that is clean,accurate and uniform.

The framework designs can now be more creative and efficient than ever before. Resulting in stronger bonds between the framework, acrylic and teeth

Jump In To Digital Dentistry And Start Sending Digital Partial Dentures

Many Doctors are hesitant about the digital world. Our advice to those that have not made the transition into a digital practice is to start now! Make the jump into the digital world. It will only benefit you and your patients quality of life. The digital world is helping more patients feel more comfortable about their smiles,which, is the end goal that both dentists and our dental lab technicians have in mind. If you are a CEREC doctor and have the digital equipment to send digital impressions via CEREC Connect you can learn how to add our lab and send digital impressions here. If you haven’t registered for CEREC Connect You can do that here

If you have questions about digital partials feel free to Contact us via email or give us a call and we would be happy to help you make the “jump” into digital dentistry.The process in making digital partials for your patients will benefit them in the long run because they will have a product that is comfortable and strong.



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