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Our lab has been around since 1906, that is over 100 years! We have seen a lot, and I mean A LOT of technology come and go in the dental world and nothing has beat the benefits of becoming a digital dental lab. If you ask us traditional dentistry is just a waste of time and a way to create inaccurate restorations for patients. Before we switched from a traditional dental lab to a digital dental lab we were remaking a lot of cases because impression material warped or the impression was taken poorly then given to the lab to create a crown or denture. We always asked ourselves how can we provide better products for patients, but it all starts with an impression and that is not under our control, there was a statistic a few years ago from the LMT (Lab Management Today) that said around 76% of all dental related remakes were because of bad impressions given to dental labs.

Becoming A Digital Dental Lab Has Helped Us Make Better Products

We purchased our Sirona InLab January 2013 and have never regretted it since. When we started using digital dental lab technology we realized that we could accept digital impressions from CEREC doctors. The quality of our products dramatically increased because the doctors were now able to give us a very accurate impression that would never warp or distort. The InLab software helped us to design better looking crowns and gave us the ability to offer more materials that were better for patients. We enjoy working with CEREC doctors because we can create better restorations for patients anywhere in the world.

Becoming a digital dental lab has taught us a lot more about creating restorations,  Our design software helped us to improve our designs for each patient and has helped us to understand what things to avoid like bad preps and feather edge margins and how to make a stronger crown.

Communication With A Digital Dental Lab

It has been easier than ever before to communicate with our doctors using our technology. If we have a challenging case we are working on and need to get the doctor involved with the case we can simply take pictures of the design, before we mill out a crown and send it to the doctor to approve the design. We also have seen cases that have got our attention because of little mistakes that will make a restoration a nightmare to seat, because we have the InLab software we are able to take detailed pictures of different angles and send the case to the doctor via email and get his feedback.

Why A Digital Dental Lab Is Better

We have talked about digital impressions and communication but I think choosing to work with a digital dental lab is better because they have the tools to create highly accurate restorations for your patients, leaving you with less stress, more time and a better reputation with your patients. If I were a dentist I would only be working with a digital dental lab that has experience in dentistry (ex: Over a hundred years of experience 😉 ). We believe in creating quality products for patients all across the globe and one way we can accomplish this is by partnering with CEREC doctors that can send digital impressions to our lab. If you are a CEREC doctor and want to learn how to send digital impressions to our lab check out this video. We would love to answer any questions you have about a digital dental lab or anything with digital dentistry, you can send us an email here.


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