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Dentists who would like to work with us via CEREC connect can send custom abutment cases to our lab. Some Doctors are not aware of which implant interfaces to use when scanning via CEREC connect. The best way to send a custom abutment case to us is by using the Sirona Ti Base kits and scan bodies. The Sirona Ti Base interface allows the computer to recognize that we are fabricating a custom abutment.

We have done cases where the Doctors have sent us an implant interface that does not function with the CEREC systems, resulting in the lab and the doctor not using the CEREC system.We want our doctors to utilize there digital scanning capabilities for us to fabricate the ideal custom abutment for the patient. In order for dentists to utilize the efficiency of their CEREC units, it is best to use the Sirona Ti Base kits.

If you want to see what implant systems are compatible with CEREC, click the link to download the list.


Why Send Custom Abutments Via Cerec Connect?

Most Dentists just don’t have the time to spend all day on the computer, fiddling around with big or complicated cases. As a CEREC lab we can assist doctors with custom abutment and screw-retained cases that you don’t have time for. We can focus on the big cases, such as, bridges, and multiple unit cases while you see more patients and care for their needs. CEREC connect helps take the load off of dentists. Send us cases that you just don’t have the time for!

If you want to send cases via cerec connect you can Learn more by clicking the link below.






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