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If you are considering partnering with Salt Lake Dental Lab but are stuck on the fence, we want to help make the decision easier for you and your practice. First some history, Salt Lake Dental Lab was founded in 1906 by Ralph Folsom. You can say that we have survived the great depression, other economic hard times, and all technology changes in our industry. Charles Comstock bought Salt Lake Dental Lab and partnered with his son Kelly Comstock. Our main goal is to help patients improve their smiles, feel confident about themselves and help them with problems they might have with their teeth. We also care about serving you and your practice and helping you solve problems you might face in dentistry.

Dentistry can be tough and challenging at times and we will do whatever we can to help your practice solve problems and succeed with your patients. We love to stay up to date with the latest technologies so we can give your patients better products, if you want our advice with about the many digital technologies we would be happy to share our knowledge with your office, we can even schedule a lunch and learn or just bring cookies to your office 🙂

Well we won’t keep talking about ourselves, we will let the doctors we work with tell you what they like about us. Please watch the videos below:

We want to become your dental lab partner and we hope you feel like we care about your office and your patients. We want to see your office succeed and grow with patients who love working with you and our lab, if you have any questions or feedback to help us become a better dental lab for you, please feel free to call us – (801)-484-1750 or send us an email.


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